Pattern Post! And decisions, decisions.

23 Jan

I love getting post. Some people are all down on it because of bills. Whatevs. I’ve got that direct debited so no misery for me- all post is good post in my world!

Especially today’s post. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!

This beautifully-wrapped parcel arrived from Patterns From The Past as part of the prize I won in the Stitcher’s Dream give-away (yes I think I’ll have to link that post for the next few months!)

Three lovely patterns: (which are photographed the wrong way and apparently very stubborn as they won’t rotate. grr.)

This gorgeous coat dress.

I’ve lusted over a coat dress ever since I can remember and found the perfect pattern but it was $65. $65!!! I very nearly bought it but luckily for my wallet somebody bought it before me and then I found this beauty. The skirt isn’t as full as the other one and the buttons come down into the skirt in this pattern but I can work on that ;)


I’m not particularly in love with it but I had like an extra $3 or something to spend with my voucher so I just chucked it in. You know I make the most of everything ;)

This I could probably do something with

This I’m not so sure

It’s like a peplum gone wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

Finally, I ordered this.

Which I love.  I love that style of blouse so just having that pattern would be enough but the fact it COMES WITH A MATCHING SKIRT OMG.

I mean technically, that’s a dress. I know that. I could just make a dress. But why do that when I can make it INFINITELY COOLER by making matching separates and then whipping my skirt off to show everybody? Huh?

I’ve seen some that include matching shorts too but they were in sizes way too small for any natural human being so I’ll find another shorts pattern for that and then I’ll be the coolest person in the entire galaxy for having matching shorts, skirt and shirt. Hah.

Also in Pattern Post news I have received the Georgia dress from By Hand London (another giveaway winning. Thanks to Fabric Godmother for that :D )  and also the Clara Dress from Dragonfly Fabrics.

Unfortunately, I haven’t actually made a single thing.

Well, that’s a lie, obviously. I made my Miette skirt which will be blogged about very soon, but apart from that….

I just can’t decide!! I keep thinking yes, I’m definitely going to make that pattern from that material and then…

What if it’s the wrong thing? What if I could’ve made something better?

I need to snap out of it or I’ll have nothing to wear! (Also a lie.)

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One Response to “Pattern Post! And decisions, decisions.”

  1. Freya May January 23, 2014 at 5:07 pm #

    Oh My Gosh! SO many nice things to make and wear!! can’t wait to see them when you get round to making them up :D I really love that top/dress/skirt combo- just be careful where you whip the skirt off ;) xxx

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