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Organising Sewing Suplies

20 Nov

I don’t know about you but I cannot get patterns back in their packets. I imagine the people who make these pattern envelopes to be sick, twisted people whose only pleasure in life is to make sewists suffer as they struggle endlessly to put the pieces back in the envelope.

Or maybe I just suck.

Either way I’ve beaten someone; the horrible pattern-making demons or my own suckishness. Behold my pattern drawer


These pockets were 3 or 4 for £1. Sadly the black ones were non-negotiable and had to be included, but still much better than what I had before.- which was half empty packets and loads of individual pattern pieces loose in the drawer because I’d just given up.

Also, not only is it difficult to put them back but also difficult to find pieces. You know if you just want one piece from a pattern and in reality you have to take all of them out. Much, much easier now I have a huge wallet to put them all in 😀


Whilst I’m here I would also like to show off my birthday presents. I got an awesome dress form from my friend for which I’m super grateful, she is called Gladys.

I also got this beauty


It’s a Cath Kidston sewing basket and now houses most of my sewing supplies. As you can see my threads are kept on a rack to the right of it, buttons are in the clear jar, zips in the stripy jar and machine-related bits are in the sewing machine tin (which came from the same friend that gave me Gladys- she’s a super awesome friend!) but everything else


is in here!


Yes, that is a lighter, I use it to burn ribbon ends, not projects that have gone horrible wrong!

I have also finished my Agatha cardigan! But it is SO MISERABLE OUTSIDE so you’ll just have to wait a bit for me to photograph it. By that time I’ll probably have finished Hetty too…


The best dress ever (well, to date at least)

1 Nov

So after all the meh-ness on this blog of late, I’m pleased to announce that I love, love, love this dress.


I love the fabric so much


Not only do I like the pattern but it drapes beautifully and it’s so soft! It was lovely to work with too.

I found it in the remnants section at C+H half price. There were only 2 remnants left, both a metre long so I bought both which totalled about £13. No way I would’ve paid that if I didn’t love the fabric! The sad thing is C+H have discontinued it and I have no idea who it’s by; there’s literally nothing on the selvedge. 😦

What I’m mega super happy with about this dress is kind of weird. I saw a picture on Pinterest of a girl wearing a red spotty dress with a lovely blue cardigan and it just struck me. Of course I forgot to pin it to show you and to even look at myself. Anyway, I was already making the blue cardigan (which is Hetty of course!) and then stumbled across this fabric- it was like fate!

This is my poor Hetty substitute and me doing some really weird neck thing :S


I used Simplicity 1803, view B this time. It’s a tiny bit low cut. Not terribly indecent but I work in a school, we’re pretty much limited to turtle necks, so this is a no go which is really sad because I want to show it off everywhere! It’s got pockets (on the side, stupid 1803) which make it even greater


Since I love this dress so much I even inserted an invisible zip. I dare you to find it


Alright well I might have covered it with my hair. Unintentionally I promise! But it’s like the second invisible zip I’ve ever done and apart from a minor fluff with the bias tape at the top it’s pretty darn good! I didn’t even mind hemming this one so you know I love it 😀

If anyone knows anything about this fabric; who it’s by, where I can buy it etc please let me know. I’m not necessarily in the market for more of this (although I definitely am) but there must be more in the range that I can buy!

You know fo sho this dress will be photographed again as soon as I finish Hetty 😉

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