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Christmas Wishlist

16 Dec

You may be thinking ‘You greedy cow. You just won the Stitcher’s Dream giveaway and you still have a wish list?’


The giveaway has been great, don’t get me wrong. So many lovely fabrics I would never have dreamt splashing out on with my own, actual, has been in my bank account money but gift vouchers are not real money and therefore can be spent willy nilly. (Pah, willy nilly.)

I have already made a Miette skirt. *blushes* Yeah, that happened. The fabric came on Friday and by Sunday morning I had finished hand stitching the waistband facing down. But more on that later.  On with the wish list!

First up is this Dritz EZY-HEM


I’m sure by now you all know of my hate for hemming. Anything to make that endless task easier is a win in my books. Top of my wish list it goes.

Next is some French Curves


I don’t do an awful lot of from-scratch drafting these days; usually I have a pattern or two that I can adapt into what I want so I don’t really need these. I can think of one time when I’ve thought I could do with a french curve. But they look awesome so they go on the list.

An interchangeable needle set


This is a really close no. 2 on my wish list. Circular needles annoy me for 2 reasons

1. They come in different needle widths and different cable lengths. This means extra £s shelled out on a slightly different size (I usually just pull the cable through and make do rather than spend more money. What can I say, I’m cheap.)

2. Why, oh why, do circular needles not have a size printed on them? I spend ages measuring them up against my regular needles trying to deduce what size they are.

This set will eliminate both of those issues. And they’re pink.

110 creations: A Sewist’s Notebook.


I’m cheating a little here. It’s not technically on my wish list because I’m actually in the process of ordering it. I currently keep a blank notebook with my ideas in but the problem is I draw all my croquis with perfect hourglass figures so of course nothing looks the same on me. When I saw this book I thought ‘yeah, nice idea but the croquis is a stick’


So yeah, I’m currently going through the embarrassing thing of taking a photo of myself in tight-fitting clothes so I can have a little me-shaped croquis. Yay!

This adorable rat fabric

Because yes.

Birch Fabrics- Elk Grove Knits


Elks! I have been dying for this fabric for like forever. It’s kind of pricey compared to my usual budget but I’m totally willing to suck it up for this, when it comes back in stock. Apparently everyone loves this fabric as it’s always out of stock!!

And of course a billion other things, but I can’t be too greedy.

Whilst I’m here I’ll just post this photo

It’s Mark’s birthday on Wednesday and how can you get more appropriately-aged than Batman?!

Yes, I am a terribly messy worker. You should see my sewing room…


I hope you all have a fab holiday and get everything you want from your wish lists.

Merry Christmas 😀 😀


A Stitcher’s Dream

9 Dec

Well I never, ever, never ever ever thought I’d be writing this.

I expect most of you have heard of Tilly and the Buttons. If you haven’t, shame on you! Go read her blog now. I’ll wait for you to return 🙂



Now we all know what’s going on; Tilly recently hosted a Stitcher’s Dream giveaway on her blog. If you didn’t follow the link (sometimes moving the mouse is haaard) then the giveaway included lots of lovely things such as fabric, gift vouchers and patterns from Backstitch, Britex Fabrics, Dragonfly Fabrics, Fabric Godmother, Fabric HQ, Minerva Crafts, Miss Tilly’s Fabric Emporium, My Fabric Place, Patterns from the Past, Sewbox, So Vintage Patterns and Tilly herself. There was even this adorable sewing box from Elephant in My Handbag




And guess who won?




Oh, it’s me by the way if you haven’t guessed.


I have no idea what I’m going to do with all these things. I’ve been looking at all the websites but I’m so indecisive!

There’s this

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.29.25

and this.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.29.42

Oh and this lovely Liberty fabric. Yum.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.29.56

And this too (though I’m not sure if a dress would be too much….).

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.30.09

I have spotted this dragon fabric. I might go with it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.30.29

However, I do know exactly what I’ll be making my first Miette and my first Mathilde from and since Tilly’s so efficient and has sent me the patterns already I might get cracking right now.

Agatha v 2.0

6 Dec

Wow.  According to my Ravelry notes I started this cardigan on the 18th August. That means it’s only taken me just over 2.5 months to finish this thing. I know people can knit things a lot quicker but we all know how I have several WIPs (some people like to call these UFOs but they’re definitely WIPs 😉 )

So considering in that time I’ve knitted 2 christmas gifts along with 1 sleeve from another WIP and I BLOODY HATE KNITTING SECOND SLEEVES I’m pretty darn pleased with it.



(Pahaha, this looks like a school photo!)

I just powered on through that second sleeve. I finished the first and thought to myself if I don’t cast on the second sleeve now it’ll sit for 6 months like the last one. So I bloomin’ did it. I cast on that second sleeve and knitted the cap. Then I just kept going. I remember actually sitting there moaning and cursing about the sleeve as I was knitting it and almost crying when I measured it against the other and still had another inch to go. Oh the woes of a modern life.

The wool is Drops Karisma and it’s lovely and soft. It’s a tiny bit thin for the Agatha so I had to fiddle about with needles and tension a bit to get the size right. It still knitted up a teeny bit small but I blocked the shit out of it (using my regular carpet method) and I think we’re good to go.



I don’t have much else to say about it really. Knitting it the second time was much easier although I’m struggling to find things to pair it with due to the colour so it’s not getting as much wear as I’d like.

Anyway, I’ve finished knitting Hetty! I’ve got to find some buttons for it, which is proving tricky, but then it’ll be up!

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