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Agatha v 2.0

6 Dec

Wow.  According to my Ravelry notes I started this cardigan on the 18th August. That means it’s only taken me just over 2.5 months to finish this thing. I know people can knit things a lot quicker but we all know how I have several WIPs (some people like to call these UFOs but they’re definitely WIPs 😉 )

So considering in that time I’ve knitted 2 christmas gifts along with 1 sleeve from another WIP and I BLOODY HATE KNITTING SECOND SLEEVES I’m pretty darn pleased with it.



(Pahaha, this looks like a school photo!)

I just powered on through that second sleeve. I finished the first and thought to myself if I don’t cast on the second sleeve now it’ll sit for 6 months like the last one. So I bloomin’ did it. I cast on that second sleeve and knitted the cap. Then I just kept going. I remember actually sitting there moaning and cursing about the sleeve as I was knitting it and almost crying when I measured it against the other and still had another inch to go. Oh the woes of a modern life.

The wool is Drops Karisma and it’s lovely and soft. It’s a tiny bit thin for the Agatha so I had to fiddle about with needles and tension a bit to get the size right. It still knitted up a teeny bit small but I blocked the shit out of it (using my regular carpet method) and I think we’re good to go.



I don’t have much else to say about it really. Knitting it the second time was much easier although I’m struggling to find things to pair it with due to the colour so it’s not getting as much wear as I’d like.

Anyway, I’ve finished knitting Hetty! I’ve got to find some buttons for it, which is proving tricky, but then it’ll be up!


Astoria in Aubergine

20 Oct

Today is very special- Makesphere’s first completely homemade outfit!


The cardigan is my Agatha which I can tell you is ridiculously warm. I’ve worn it a few times but ended up with it on/off/on/off all day as it’s just soooo hot. I hope it’ll be good for the upcoming months though when this British weather decides which season we’re in.

Anyway, I could go on about Agatha all day but you’ve already heard about that- so here is my next make; my Astoria dress. (The fabric was called Astoria, I’m not just making stuff up these days)


This is the Daisy Dress pattern by Eliza M. I really have very little to say about it- I’ve made the dress as is and with alterations about a billion times now as it’s just so quick and easy. It only has 4 pieces (5 if you use the facing or screw it up like me) and the trickiest thing about it is inserting the zip. Which, I might add, I’m getting pretty good at now! I used to dread putting zips in because somehow I managed to misalign the pieces during zip insertion but now I’ve been doing handpicked zips and it’s so much easier. They look much better too


The fabric is a normal cotton which I love using with circle skirts as they just have so much oomph and really stand away from my hips.


The only thing I’m a little disappointed with is the matching of pieces- I didn’t plan my cutting very well. I usually only do a 3/4 circle skirt but didn’t leave myself enough room on the fabric to do it in one go so I had to cut 1/2 and then 1/4 and sew them together. The issue I then have is there’s a seam down the back which lines up with the zip, no problem, but then there’s a seam elsewhere which doesn’t line up with anything and it’s just kind of sad 😦

I don’t think people in real life have time to notice these things though because nobody has come up to me and said ‘did you know your seams don’t match, loser’ so I can only assume they haven’t noticed.

I think as a sewist I always try to get things as close to perfect as possible incase I get ‘caught out’. If somebody asks me if I made what I’m wearing that immediately rings alarm bells because I’m thinking there must be some kind of giveaway, something that doesn’t look right but I don’t think non-sewists usually spend a lot of time looking at the darts on their clothes and measuring them so why would they on mine? Although that would also be weird if somebody randomly whacked out a tape measure and started measuring my bust darts.

Hetty and Agatha

27 Aug

Oooo, a new pattern from Andi Satterlund!! Hetty looks totally amazing. It’s my birthday next month and I already had two of Andi’s patterns on my list along with the wool to knit them and now Hetty might make it to the top of my list.

Scratch that, Hetty has made it to the top of my list. I think it’s my favourite pattern of hers yet.

Anyway, enough swooning. Agatha is another one of Andi’s patterns and the first one I started knitting (remember how I knit a bit of one thing and then one of another so believe me when I say I have other Andi patterns underway 😉 )

It was a pain in the backside at first, this being the first garment I’ve ever knitted,  but it was complete user error and not Andi’s pattern-writing at all. But once I got the hang of things I was all over this and I’m halfway through a second already!

I have to apologise for the photos, Mark is away working and decided he absolutely needed all of the memory cards so I’ve had to use my phone 😦



There’s definite mistakes in it, things I didn’t realise until several rows later and was too lazy to frog and reknit. However, I feel confident that the next one is going to be better so this purple version was just a very drawn out muslin :p

This is how I blocked the thing:


Not conventional by any means but actually I’m not sure why?! Perhaps people care about their carpets…

I started out with boards and plastic bags, blah, blah, blah… This was much much easier. My board was too small to do the whole cardigan so I had to do it in halves which was quite frankly, rubbish. My carpet is considerably larger than my cardigan and the pins stay in nicely which makes for a perfect blocking tool. I stuffed the arms with plastic bags as well to open up the detail on the arm a bit more, I spritzed and steamed the thing and then left it overnight.

Now to choose a colour for my inevitable Hetty project. Oh wait, I did just do a post about all my WIPs

but Hetty….! ❤

Process or Result?

22 Aug

Are you a process or a result sewer/knitter?

I am most definitely a process knitter. I had believed I was all along but today really confirmed it.

Let’s start with my Agatha cardigan. Looking back on my Ravelry notes I started this in September of last year. I remember finishing a sleeve around January time but when did I actually finish the cardigan?


I loved knitting my cardigan, it was really fun getting to grips with all the new techniques, this being the first garment I’d ever knitted, (you just don’t see cables and lacework in stuffed toys!) and although there were times when I wanted to burn the thing and then drop kick it into oblivion I can genuinely say that overall it was good fun.

But I’d already done one sleeve. The left sleeve has to look the same as the already-knitted right sleeve and where’s the fun in that?! So it sat and sat until holiday time came and the only thing I took with me was this cardigan. 2.5 hour plane journey there and back plus a delayed flight meant the only thing I had to do was knit this sleeve. Plus, after 6 months I’d kind of forgotten how to do it so it was almost fun again!

Back to today. I don’t know if you’re aware, or if you are aware but pretending you’re not, or if you just live under an anti-seasonal rock but it’s 4 months people. 4 months and Christmas will upon us. I for one do not want to be empty-handed when it comes to gift giving so I’ve been making plans already. (Actually I completed my first project in April. I’m a regular Christmas elf, so shoot me.) Today was wool-buying day for said projects which is always fun. I got this amazing yarn which self fair-isles!! (Yes, I believe this is the technical term.) So when I got home from the wool shop what did I do? Cast on a new project, of course.

New wool also requires a sort out of my wool area. I ‘d like to say wool shelves, or wool cupboard but realistically it just takes over an area, which is usually the size of my house….

Whilst doing so this is what I found:


That’s 6 WIPs,  SIX!!

Not forgetting the project I cast on today (7), my Christmas gift projects takes us up to 10 plus I’ve been asked to do a very weird project indeed for my SIL which makes 11. That’s not even counting the sewing WIPs which is almost as bad. (Think there’s 3 or 4 of those)

The cream thing at the top right is also missing a sleeve, but that’s it, so I’m determined to get that finished over the weekend. That’ll be one down, bam! Next up will be one of the Christmas projects. I know, I know, WIPs need doing but it’ll be quick, I promise. Then that pink thing, maybe a sewing project or two. Just you wait, this blog will be filled with all kinds of knitty goodness! Starting with my Agatha, which just needs photographing 😀

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