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True Bargain Hunter

10 Jan

Anyone ever played the Lego games? Instead of True Jedi or True Believer I have now accumulated enough points to be a True Bargain Hunter.

I mean there’s the £52 overlocker for a start, the massive fabric hauls from Walthamstow, other general bargains and now this: a knitting machine.


This is hands down the best £11 I’ve ever invested. Yes, that’s right £11!!!!!!!!

The knitting machine and I were meant to be. I found it on preloved but it was located in Southampton. I emailed the seller to ask if they could post it to me but luckily, preloved shows your location and it turned out his daughter lives in the next town. Even better than that, he was coming down the following week to see her!

So this evening I made the 5 mile trip to collect the thing- the man was so lovely. It was him and not his wife who had done all the knitting would you believe! Apparently he made loads of jumpers for his children (a fact which was corroborated by his daughter whilst I was there!) and clothes for his wife (who also vouched for him) and spent ages talking me through all the bits as he knew I was a beginner. Honestly, I kind of want him to be my Grandad!

Anyway, enough talking about my new Grandpuppy; I obviously tried this out as soon as I got home. It was a little bit tricky getting my head round all the new terms but definitely manageable.


The handy device that does all my work for me:


My knitting in the machine


And out!


Seeing that square come out the bottom of that machine was an awesome feeling! I screwed up a few times at first (obviously) and nothing was coming out so when you finally start seeing this block appearing… it was close to the feeling on my wedding day, serious.

Ok, the more observant among you will have noticed there’s a couple of holes and one of the corners is slightly rounded. In fact, I could have sorted the holes out as the instructions (oh yeah, this thing came with instructions!) include how to pick up dropped stitches and I did have a quick go but for a test square I kind of couldn’t be bothered. The corner is rounded because I screwed up the casting off and kept forgetting to carry the yarn over, but I reckon by the end (the left hand side) I got the hang of it. I reckon it’s probably better than my first hand-knitted square though and I know why I dropped the stitches so it won’t happen again! (I hope: it almost definitely will.)

How awesome is this yarn by the way? I bought it a while ago because it looked fucking awesome (a good judgement call if you ask me) but had no use for it. Socks. This knitting machine does socks you know….

My goals for 2014 might have to be revised- 2 cardigans is nothing now!


The Fabrigasm

30 Dec

There aren’t many fabric shops near me. And when I say many, I essentially mean any.

After reading through several other blog posts that all seemed to recommend it I decided to visit Walthamstow and revel in its delights. It did not disappoint! As soon as I stepped out of the underground station I had what I now know was a fabrigasm. So many fabric shops! So many fabric stalls!  And all at extremely good prices!

Mark stuck around for an hour or so before deciding to head off to Oxford Street. This was the first bad move- I needed him to carry my bags! I definitely would’ve come home with more but my hands were blistering before my very eyes. I wish I’d picked up the grey wool, and the purple wool, and the peach polka dot silk, and…and….

Anyway, here’s some of what I did get:








I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it all yet. I can imagine the black brocade in a shift dress, but I don’t feel very comfortable in shift dresses so it’ll probably end up as another flared/pleated skirt dress. I do have 4 metres of it though so maybe I could squeeze a couple of different things out of it. That 70s thing…. yeah I’m not sure about that. It’s either retro or vile. Either way it was only £1 a yard so I couldn’t not get it. Whether it will end up as something or just a toile is yet to be determined.

Veering off in another direction, look what I got for Christmas!


I’ve named her Olive  🙂

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