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Outfit Along Outfit Take 2!

4 Aug

Woah, guys, it’s been like a year! I’m not going to do a massive lengthy ‘sorry I’ve been gone’ post- I got a job as a teacher, I think that says it all. I have now quit said teacher job so life can resume as normal! In the year I was teaching I sewed a total of one dress and knitted some socks- that’s it! Teaching is time consuming.

So, on with the show!

This year I entered the Outfit Along again. Here’s last year’s entry (which was only like 3 posts ago!) If you need reminding or are thinking what the bloody hell is an Outfit Along then the idea is to knit a piece and sew a piece which can be worn together-an ‘outfit’ if you will.

I purchased the yarn for an apple green Hetty a long time ago but no knitting was happening so it sat and sat. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it. Finding fabric, however, was another kettle of fish. I had almost finished the cardigan by the end of June but still hadn’t ordered any fabric! I found this one on eBay and wasn’t in love with it but had nothing better so ordered it anyway. When it came I liked it even less so I put it off until the deadline day and sewed the whole thing just before cutoff.

Since I hadn’t sewn in ages I returned to the good ole Simplicity 1803. Unfortunately(?) I think I’ve lost a bit of weight since I last sewed it up so the bodice is a bit baggy which means this week will be filled with muslin-y goodness. (Did I really just say muslin-y goodness? Since when has making a muslin been fun?!) Other than that though it’s cotton lawn so it’s lovely and light which is perfect for summer and it floats around my legs nicely. Despite not initially liking the fabric, now it’s been sewn I love it!

Unfortunately I can’t count so I screwed up my button placement and have to redo them but it ain’t happening any time soon- I’ve got too much to catch up on!

Did anyone else join in the OAL?


Astoria in Aubergine

20 Oct

Today is very special- Makesphere’s first completely homemade outfit!


The cardigan is my Agatha which I can tell you is ridiculously warm. I’ve worn it a few times but ended up with it on/off/on/off all day as it’s just soooo hot. I hope it’ll be good for the upcoming months though when this British weather decides which season we’re in.

Anyway, I could go on about Agatha all day but you’ve already heard about that- so here is my next make; my Astoria dress. (The fabric was called Astoria, I’m not just making stuff up these days)


This is the Daisy Dress pattern by Eliza M. I really have very little to say about it- I’ve made the dress as is and with alterations about a billion times now as it’s just so quick and easy. It only has 4 pieces (5 if you use the facing or screw it up like me) and the trickiest thing about it is inserting the zip. Which, I might add, I’m getting pretty good at now! I used to dread putting zips in because somehow I managed to misalign the pieces during zip insertion but now I’ve been doing handpicked zips and it’s so much easier. They look much better too


The fabric is a normal cotton which I love using with circle skirts as they just have so much oomph and really stand away from my hips.


The only thing I’m a little disappointed with is the matching of pieces- I didn’t plan my cutting very well. I usually only do a 3/4 circle skirt but didn’t leave myself enough room on the fabric to do it in one go so I had to cut 1/2 and then 1/4 and sew them together. The issue I then have is there’s a seam down the back which lines up with the zip, no problem, but then there’s a seam elsewhere which doesn’t line up with anything and it’s just kind of sad 😦

I don’t think people in real life have time to notice these things though because nobody has come up to me and said ‘did you know your seams don’t match, loser’ so I can only assume they haven’t noticed.

I think as a sewist I always try to get things as close to perfect as possible incase I get ‘caught out’. If somebody asks me if I made what I’m wearing that immediately rings alarm bells because I’m thinking there must be some kind of giveaway, something that doesn’t look right but I don’t think non-sewists usually spend a lot of time looking at the darts on their clothes and measuring them so why would they on mine? Although that would also be weird if somebody randomly whacked out a tape measure and started measuring my bust darts.

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