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Kelly the First

7 Mar

It’s skirts, skirts, skirts here at Makesphere towers. I’ve gone from wearing them maybe once a year to wearing them almost interchangeably with my dresses. Granted, they don’t suit me as much as dresses, but it does give me the chance to wear tops that for some reason I kept buying but had no reason to wear.

So here’s the third instalment of skirt central, my first Kelly!

Yup, I’m pre-empting again. I’ve got at least 2 more Kellys planned but they are going to require some work.

Pleats are supposed to be my friend. For my huge arse, pleats are a godsend because they allow me to still have a small waist and yet there’s enough fabric to cover said buttocks. These pleats are not my friend.

It’s kind of difficult to tell because the skirt’s black but the skirt is pulling, or rather I should say my bum is pushing its way out through the skirt and the pleats aren’t sitting very well at all.

I did add a bit of extra fabric to make the pleats slightly bigger to accommodate for this but obviously not enough so for like the first time ever I might actually have to make a… *gasp* muslin?

I mean I’m OK with the skirt. Like I said it’s black so it’s difficult to tell and people probably won’t notice anyway. But for my next two versions, this won’t fly at all.

Back on the positives though, I’m pretty happy with the pockets!

And, these were my FIRST EVER BUTTONHOLES!

I’m really quite pleased with them, I even Instagrammed this picture of them

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.49.05

(Please note that the second buttonhole has a chalk marking next to it, it’s just as good as the first really!)

The buttons I used are the ones I bought as a substitute for Hetty until I realised that they just weren’t as good as the ones I had. Luckily for me though, Hetty requires 7 buttons and so does Kelly. Poifec!

I used a black rayon/linen blend from Minerva for this version. It was quite easy to work with in terms of slippage but man does it shed. Black strands everywhere!  I seem to have made a habit of linen skirts lately, having never worked with linen or made a skirt prior to my first Miette! My next two versions are also going to be fabrics I’ve never worked with before but no more linen!

Speaking of which, what can you do with linen remnants? I have a bit of blue left from my first Miette, a bit of red from my second and now some black left from this Kelly. They vary in size but the blue one is close to a metre I’d say. Any suggestions?


Miette take one.

2 Feb

Yep, I’m pre-empting. You’re probably aware that I’m not one for skirts. I quite like the idea of them, indeed they look lovely on other people, but they never really suited me.

I was tempted by Tilly’s Miette, but I was equally worried that I’d make it and never wear it. Then I won the pattern and a good fabric to make it from in the Stitcher’s Dream giveaway and decided to take the plunge.

I’m so glad I did!!!

Granted, it might make my hips look a bit bigger, something I really don’t need any more of, but it’s so comfortable, easy, versatile and even better, adjustable! This makes it the perfect skirt for wearing around Christmas, out to dinner, all you can eat buffets…. I’m sure Tilly didn’t create the skirt with all you can eat buffets in mind but it’s another selling point I think she should consider.

As I mentioned, it’s super easy! I think the whole thing took me a couple of hours, maybe 3 at a push, which included hand stitching the waistband.

Another awesome thing is that the back panel overlaps a lot. Very useful with these gales we’ve been having!

I think you can probably tell that I’m completely sold on this pattern! I’ve got two more Miettes planned, one of which the fabric is on order for (eeeee!) and will be whipped up as soon as it arrives 😀

This particular one is made from a cotton/linen blend from Backstitch in Amparo. My next version is going to be red linen. I’ve not worked with linen before- don’t like the idea of wrinkles- but the blend made it look less 80 years old and more 40 or 50. I can deal with middle age linen.

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