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Yellow Swallows Dress

27 Oct

This dress has been in the making for probably about a year. I bought 3 metres of fabric but then used some of it to make something else. I cut the skirt out and 1 piece of the bodice but didn’t have enough left to cut out the back. Then the fabric was out of stock so it sat     and sat      and sat.

I finally found somebody selling it on eBay by the fat quarter for the same price I paid for the metre. I called up the original stockist several times to see if it was coming in because it made me slightly sick to pay that. It was only £3.50 but the principle you know?!

Anyway, here’s the dress


I used McCalls 6503. I originally put the ruffle in the collar but since this is cotton it was just too bulky and bugged the heck out of me rubbing itself all up my neck. No, that had to come out.

The dress then had quite a few changes made. I didn’t really fit it as I was going because I just wanted to get it done which was not a good idea! I ended up taking the zip out, bringing in the side seams, putting the zip back in and taking in the shoulders. Doesn’t sound like much but I did each of these things several times!

As for how happy I am with the dress, I’d say maybe like 5 or 6 out of 10. The collar never lays down properly. I’ve pressed the shit out of that thing but it’s always getting in my face. The other problem is it’s not decent enough to wear, well, pretty much anywhere. Way too much boobage going on so I have to wear a vest top underneath.


(This is me staring at the amount of flesh I have on show!)

I’m also aware that I have yellow skin which the dress blends into so I kind of look like a big pile of vomit. Exactly what I was hoping for.  I do still wear it; I usually add a blue cardigan to try and eliminate as much vomityness as possible.

In an even better turn of events I wore this after I’d been swimming with sea-lions.


Yes that was the best experience I have ever had, ever. And I literally got married this year.


Black Swallows Dress completion!

23 Jan

Woo! Another post!!

I’m going to post a disclaimer now: I am not good at posting regularly. Actually, correction, I’m not good at taking photos. IF I took photos more often I would blog more often. SO, if you’re one of those people that needs a post every Tuesday at 12pm this blog is not for you!

Onto the actual post then shall we?

I finally have photos of something I completed! Or, photo rather.



The pattern is Eliza M’s Daisy pattern , which may I add, I got on eBay for £2.75 OH YEAH!!!! I’ve used this pattern so much because it’s just so versatile- just a basic dress pattern that can be adapted to so many other things. E.g, the collar I added to this one (pre-bought, on eBay 😉 ) which I think adds just a little ooh-la-la to what is essentially a black dress. I am, however, going to unpick and restitch the collar because silly me didn’t pre-wash it and it shrunk meaning it’s a bit out of shape.

Anyway the pattern has proven its weight in gold if only for the circle skirt pattern. I know it’s like one of the beginner, really simple, sewing for dummies things to sew but having a pre cut pattern piece for a circle skirt that automatically fits is just so time saving!! And all for £2.75 😀

The other good thing about this dress pattern is because it’s so simple it’s very easy to grade up and down to get an absolutely perfect fit.

(I promise I am not, nor do I work for Eliza M!)

I would also like to post another disclaimer: The mannequin is for display purposes only. I picked her up at a shop that was closing down but she’s a couple of sizes smaller than me so all my clothes look baggy and don’t photograph well. However, we’ve already waited two weeks for a photograph so let’s be thankful there is one at all!! .

I thought also randomly you may like to hear about a murder mystery party I recently attended. I am female. My character was a man playing a masculine woman. So I was a woman playing a man playing a woman who likes to pretend she’s a man. WTF?!!!!

Here’s how I turned out, along with Mark who was playing a French poet.


Would you be surprised if I told you I was the murderer?!

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