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Twirly Teal

1 Apr

Happy Easter!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous time-4 day weekend isn’t bad is it?! (Although I get two weeks off so ha!)

Anyway, enough bragging. I made something new! And by something you know it’s a dress…

Here it is!


I got the fabric from my recent Walthamstow trawl, think it was £2 a metre or something ridiculous. I’ve still got about 0.5m-0.75m left! And no idea what to do with it. (Ideas anyone?)

The pattern is basically the Daisy Dress by Eliza M but I lengthened the sleeves.

The lining is soooooooooo gorgeously soft, and it drapes beautifully. I’m really pissed at myself that I didn’t pick up more in every colour. It was £1.40 p/m and comes in every colour imaginable. I wish I’d taken a photo of the lining before I attached because when I tried it on it looked like the most beautiful shift dress but so comfy to wear and I almost didn’t attach it. But I had to 😦


The ribbon belt is rubbish I know- it was all I had. If you can’t see it’s that really cheap feeling plastic-y type ‘ribbon’. I’m hoping to find a closer colour match in proper double-faced satin and then stitch it onto the dress, which obviously I didn’t do with this one because it SUCKS BALLS!!!

The hem was a ginormous pain in the arse. I’ve never hemmed lace before and it was horrible! I tried double turning it up and it didn’t press too well and looked bulky and gross, so ripped it out. Then I tried horsehair braid which was too heavy for the delicate lace so out that came too. Then I got out my rolled hem foot which seemed like the perfect solution except the lace kept getting stuck on the foot and after about 10 seconds that got annoying- so ripped that out too.

Before I continue I’d like to point out the hem totals nearly 5 metres!!!  So double turning it I did about halfway before ripping it out- 2.5m. Horsehair braid included sewing it twice so that’s 10m. The rolled hem foot I probably did about 0.5m. So that totals 13m of ripping out!! It took me over the whole of Ratatouille to take out just the horsehair braid! I nearly just cut it out and I’m so glad I didn’t because that would be the length of just a shirt at this point.

Finally, I went with bias tape. Seems like the obvious choice doesn’t it? DUH!!! Although I had to press and steam it like a bitch. It kept flipping up the other way so out came my tailor’s ham, or what I like to call my rolled up blanket, and I steamed and pressed the hem for about 30 minutes.

Finally though, I had something that, despite the tiny thread remnants, had an actual hem!!

Admire it, because almost a whole day went into that hem!


Usually with the Daisy dress I only do a 3/4 circle skirt rather than a full circle skirt but did a full one on this dress. Actually, I think a 3/4 would have looked better. But look how twirly it is!



Pattern Post! And er, something happened…

26 Mar

Yay! More patterns!

I feel obliged, as a fellow sewist, to let you know that Mccalls, Simplicity AND Vogue are on sale in a lot of places. I got mine from http://www.sewessential.co.uk (who I’m very pleased with by the way- they arrived two days after ordering which is amazing, but not only that they only sent the ones they have in stock. Meaning I can play with my new patterns now and not sit around waiting for all of them just because of this one pattern they’re missing! They know how a sewist’s mind works…)

Anyhow, how could I possibly see a sale (and half price too I shall have you know) and not buy any patterns? That would be a sin, would it not?

So what did I get? Not enough….

I did get Simplicity 2145 , McCalls 6263 (because it was £2.97, how can you not?) and a skirt patten is on its way which I can’t even remember what it is. I got lost in the heady world of pattern buying and just shoved a load in my basket. Then remembered I wasn’t a millionaire… sigh. Anyway, the skirt is on its way so that means I get double the pattern post and double the excitement! I would take pictures of the patterns but they came Friday people, you know for a fact they’ve already been cut up and shoved back in the envelope (because who on earth can actually fold those things up the way they came out?! Pattern makers are miracle workers. Or elves.)


So that was my Friday pretty much sorted you might be thinking. Well, sort of. But Saturday got a whole lot better…

My friend is getting into sewing. This is a very exciting time for me. Nobody I knew (up until now) had the same interest. I couldn’t talk to people about how I finally cracked a button placket, or how I found the most amazing fabric…. Ok, so I did still tell people about these things but the difference is THEY DIDN’T CARE!!! Now one of my closest friends is also my go-to for all sewing related talk and as a formal introduction into the world of sewing we spent a Saturday in the heaven that is Walthamstow!

As one might expect I came back with some fabric

But I do sew most of my own clothes and sew every night so this was to be expected, no?

My friend came back with the same amount!!! I have taught her well. You can call me Sensei Makesphere from now on.

On Saturday we woke up to a blanket of snow with more snow in the air and a generally miserable day. But despite all this we had a lot of fun- it’s so much nicer buying fabric with somebody rather than on your own. You can ask them if something suits you, whether you really need that fabric even if it is only 50p/yd (yes, this fabric exists and yes I bought some! Because it was 50p a yard people!) and have you got some room in your suitcase because mine’s completely full….

I’m sure we looked like complete fools dragging round our suitcases in the snow, but we did make a friend

I have been reliably informed that he is a Pied Wagtail.

It would be safe to assume that much of that fabric is already cut into pieces, and even safer to assume I have a plan for the ones that haven’t yet received the chop. I’m sure it won’t be long before my next post 😉


The floral knit

25 Jan

Ooo I’m being a bit updated this week aren’t I?!

So long, long ago I promised you I’d made something in my floral jersey that I got 3 yds for £5 at Walthamstow! I did make something, and then I made an additional something so it seems only fair to share it all in one big share fest.

Actually, what I made is kind of ‘boring’ in sewing terms, but I just wanted something I could lounge about in and feel comfortable but yet sling on some kind of footwear and feel comfortable wearing it to work. And so it became this:


Wonky of wonksville!

Looks a little plain, no? How about a bit of beltage?


Now that’s a look I can go out in. The former is perfect for lounging in though.

And then I had about maybe 0.5-0.75m of fabric left. And I squeezed out this:


Another comfortable little number and it really jazzes up a plain white t. Oh, and check out these pleated sleeves guy!


Both were made from adaptations of the patterns given in Sew U Home Stretch.

Speaking of patterns, check out my latest eBay hauls:

DSCF8528 DSCF8529

Total for both: £4.39


I love eBay! And whilst the envelopes may look  a little tatty, the insides are perfect


Well, perfect for patterns hailing from the 70s!

They’re a little small so will require grading up a size or two which I so cba to do yet, but they’ll turn into something someday.

Oh, can you tell I charged my camera batteries?!!

The Fabrigasm

30 Dec

There aren’t many fabric shops near me. And when I say many, I essentially mean any.

After reading through several other blog posts that all seemed to recommend it I decided to visit Walthamstow and revel in its delights. It did not disappoint! As soon as I stepped out of the underground station I had what I now know was a fabrigasm. So many fabric shops! So many fabric stalls!  And all at extremely good prices!

Mark stuck around for an hour or so before deciding to head off to Oxford Street. This was the first bad move- I needed him to carry my bags! I definitely would’ve come home with more but my hands were blistering before my very eyes. I wish I’d picked up the grey wool, and the purple wool, and the peach polka dot silk, and…and….

Anyway, here’s some of what I did get:








I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it all yet. I can imagine the black brocade in a shift dress, but I don’t feel very comfortable in shift dresses so it’ll probably end up as another flared/pleated skirt dress. I do have 4 metres of it though so maybe I could squeeze a couple of different things out of it. That 70s thing…. yeah I’m not sure about that. It’s either retro or vile. Either way it was only £1 a yard so I couldn’t not get it. Whether it will end up as something or just a toile is yet to be determined.

Veering off in another direction, look what I got for Christmas!


I’ve named her Olive  🙂

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