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Miette: the Cardigan.

4 Jun

If from this post you guessed that I was knitting Andi Satterlund’s Miette then you were correct!

Regular readers will know that I love, love, love Andi’s patterns. Of all the garments I’ve knitted, only 2 have not been Andi’s. However, I never really considered Miette.

I saw Agatha and started knitting it that day. I even knit Chuck pretty promptly despite not wearing jumpers but Miette just never grabbed my attention. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy things that change constantly (like the cables and lacework in the above patterns) so the idea of knitting an almost solid cardigan seemed kind of dull.

Guys, I was so wrong! I love this cardigan so much!

The bust darts are amazing. I did an extra repeat of the section before the dart so it was a little bigger and it fits perfectly. I knit the 42″ bust and it didn’t take that long to knit, even in DK- I think a few weeks? Despite me thinking it would be boring to knit all of that plain section it really wasn’t, there’s always something going on or to look forward to because there’s at least lace work at each end and often shaping in the middle too.

I used James C Brett’s Top Value DK on 5mm needles to knit this. I bought 3 balls but only needed 1.5 so with buttons included (which were on sale!) this cardigan cost me about £4. I told you I wasn’t a yarn snob- this cardigan is soft and cosy and fits perfectly. It’s also made entirely from acrylic so it’s hardwearing too!

The simple lace design around the edges is beautiful. I’m adjusting myself in this photo but I think you can see the detail!

The more observant among you may have noticed  large flaw- I am missing the top button. I could’ve sworn the pattern needed 7 buttons so I happily asked for 7 at the counter only to find I had 8 buttonholes when I got home. I’m going to go back and see if I can get another but if not then I’ll leave it. I love the buttons too much and I never do cardigans up anyway- just why did this have to happen again?!

In my baby cardigan post I mentioned a style of knitting I hadn’t come across before by provisionally knitting the sleeves and top all in one and then putting the sleeve stitches on hold. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting in that style and just by chance this pattern used the same method! It’s a very comfortable fit, (almost) cured the second sleeve syndrome and didn’t require picking up a certain number of stitches in the armhole (which I can never seem to get right 1st time- is there some magic math to this?!)

I’ve definitely got plans for more of these- I need a red cardigan so even though I’d totally be copying Andi’s I’ll probably do it…




Following the grain.

20 Feb

Aaaah, wasn’t Sewing Bee so good?! I just can’t contain myself to wait for the next one, I’m practically bouncing off the walls here!

Whilst we’re waiting for some more sewing goodness from the profeshs at BBC2, here’s my contribution this week.


Miette take 2!

You guys knew this was happening. I just attend too many dinners/all you can eat buffets to not have at least 2 Miettes in my wardrobe. Infact, it’s my sister’s 16th this weekend so I’m definitely going to be in need of a Miette.

This one was made in a lovely linen from Britex fabrics. I say lovely- it’s linen so obviously it wrinkles like a bitch, but it was nice to work with at least and it has a really nice drape.

Speaking of which, I totally fucked up this skirt to begin with. The front panels are supposed to be cut on the bias, which I did with the first Miette but this time around I forgot to follow the grainlines 😳

Being the person I am and hate having to repeat things I thought eff it, let’s carry on and see what happens.


The end result is terrible- the front of the skirt just stuck out at almost a 90degree angle and gave me a pot belly.

Luckily, I had just enough fabric to recut the front panels. So I had to rip out the whole waistband- oh yeah, I really went the whole hog on this pot belly crusade-, then remove the front from the back which I’d already overlocked and restitch everything back in, basically starting the skirt again.

Knowing I had all of this to do I naturally put the skirt away for a couple of weeks because who wants to face that task?! But when it actually came down to it that all took me 20 minutes. Yeah.

So anyway, back on track with the proper construction, I changed a couple of things the second time around.

1. I graded the back panels down a little bit.

See in version 1 here

the back panel is creeping its way round to the front? I cut the largest size for my largest arse but actually my waist is nothing like that. As it’s a wrap skirt I thought that wouldn’t make too much difference but then the back panel comes too far round. I still wear the skirt, I’m not that bothered by it and it means I probably won’t flash my bits to anyone, but this time I graded it a little so the panel stays more in line.




2. Eliminate all top-stitching. Top-stitching definitely has its place but with such a bright red I really wanted the skirt to stand on its own and not be ‘brought down’ by top-stitching, I just felt it would detract from the skirt as a whole. So I slip/prick-stitched both the ends of the panels and the hem and I’m much happier with it that way.


I also trimmed the waist ties at the ends into little points. No idea why, I just felt like it.

I’d like to mention the grill while I’m here: you may have noticed in the last couple of posts (and in some more to come) there’s a grill behind the bench.

These gale force winds have strewn our barbecue all over the garden. It did have a cover on but of course no cover is going to stand up to something that lifted our umbrella up and out of the table, and so that’s why the grill’s there. I’ve been having to collect pieces of barbecue from all over the place! But evidently I missed the grill.  No sausages for us this summer!

Miette take one.

2 Feb

Yep, I’m pre-empting. You’re probably aware that I’m not one for skirts. I quite like the idea of them, indeed they look lovely on other people, but they never really suited me.

I was tempted by Tilly’s Miette, but I was equally worried that I’d make it and never wear it. Then I won the pattern and a good fabric to make it from in the Stitcher’s Dream giveaway and decided to take the plunge.

I’m so glad I did!!!

Granted, it might make my hips look a bit bigger, something I really don’t need any more of, but it’s so comfortable, easy, versatile and even better, adjustable! This makes it the perfect skirt for wearing around Christmas, out to dinner, all you can eat buffets…. I’m sure Tilly didn’t create the skirt with all you can eat buffets in mind but it’s another selling point I think she should consider.

As I mentioned, it’s super easy! I think the whole thing took me a couple of hours, maybe 3 at a push, which included hand stitching the waistband.

Another awesome thing is that the back panel overlaps a lot. Very useful with these gales we’ve been having!

I think you can probably tell that I’m completely sold on this pattern! I’ve got two more Miettes planned, one of which the fabric is on order for (eeeee!) and will be whipped up as soon as it arrives 😀

This particular one is made from a cotton/linen blend from Backstitch in Amparo. My next version is going to be red linen. I’ve not worked with linen before- don’t like the idea of wrinkles- but the blend made it look less 80 years old and more 40 or 50. I can deal with middle age linen.

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